There are a few lining options to choose from when you start designing your brand-new pool, but few have as many benefits as vinyl liner pools. Today’s homeowners are looking for modern pools that exude luxury and class. A great way to incorporate this look is to have a landscape designer help in creating a custom pool. Vinyl liners are one of the few materials that can tackle this challenge, while remaining a stable and dependable product. Orlando Landscape Designs frequently works with pool companies to help design these amenities for homeowners. With vinyl lining, there room for creativity in choosing the shape, style, and even the color of your pool.

However, vinyl lined pools have more to offer than an resourceful blueprint. Here are a few other ways in which this type of lining is the best source for your new pool:

They Are the Cheapest

Concrete and fiberglass pools will be the most costly type of material you can use to line your pool. Fortunately, even with all the features that vinyl liner pools possess, they are still the cheapest option for you home. The reason for this is because they don’t require as many materials for upkeep, which also makes the affordable in the long run (and the easiest to maintain). Vinyl pool typically last ten to twenty years.

Vinyl Liner Pools are Easy to Install

Easy installation for your pool is beneficial from both the homeowners standpoint and for pool companies. Easy installation means the rate of your pool will be a lot less than you initially budgeted. And for those installing it, it means a shorter working day. Generally the easier the pool is to install, the less time you will have to wait before it is finished. Because vinyl pools are forgivable materials, installation is predictable so the pool company can tell you exactly how long it will take to install.

They Are Durable and Flexible

Back in the day, concrete was the go-to product for pool design. While they are a great source for maintaining a sound structure, they are typically very climate-specific. And they definitely can’t be any shape other than a rectangle. Vinyl liners are perfect for locations that are likely to experience harsh weather conditions. For example, here in Florida, we see our fair share of hurricanes. Those homeowners who chose to line their pools with vinyl are oftentimes the ones

who see little to no damage. That is because vinyl lining is durable, and unlike concrete pools, extremely flexible.

They Have Endless Color and Pattern Options

Their flexibility allows for the option to create a unique shape for your pool’s layout. This is an especially great feature if you have a small yard. Your landscape designer can use an imaginative approach to design your vinyl pool so that it flows smoothly with the space you have. Having flexibility also allows for more options on special features to add to your pool such a slides, bars, or waterfalls.

Vinyl pools are also one of the only materials that offer a variety of colors and designs. We can incorporate tile effects and textured layouts in any color you dream up!

Ready to design your own luxury pool? Contact Orlando Landscape Designs. We work with the best pool companies in Orlando in order to bring you a pool that is perfect for you and your home.

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