When you purchase your new home, you want everything to be perfect; from picking out the right furniture to having a gorgeous tree landscape design. The latter of which might be hard to accomplish if you don’t really know the best way to integrate your aesthetic into your Orlando landscape design. That is why we’re here to help! At Orlando Landscape Designs we work to help you choose the right pieces that fit in your landscape. We want your yard to flow naturally, while requiring you the least amount of upkeep. But how do you choose the right tree for your landscape?


There are a couple ways to narrow down your options. To give you a few suggestions to relay to your designer, here is what we suggest you look at before soiling any roots.

1. Pick the Right Tree

This may be the most difficult. You may have an idea of a certain type of tree you want, but before you decide, you will want to know its horticultural aspects. This may be a good area to first bring in your designer. They can determine your Orlando landscape design in order to suggest trees that will really excel in the type of environment you live in. They will know the different aspects for the types of trees you are interested in and help you narrow down your options by considering your landscape features. They will be able to give you a preface of the tree’s future needs, what might harm it, and other factors that are important to know because planting your tree.

2. Choose the Size and Form For Your Tree Landscape

The first thing you will want to look at when determining the type or tree (or trees) you want planted into your forever home is to decide on the size and style tree you want. Here in Florida, the hot seller is, of course, the palm tree. Palm trees can be any size you like, and they can be placed versatile enough that a cluster of them can give you just the right beachy ambiance. However, the type of tree you decide on should also compliment the rest of your landscape, and even your style of home. Also consider if you want a tree that can provide you with a specific function. For example, do you want to incorporate a fruit tree? A large tree for a shaded reading area?

You also want to take note of how large your tree will be when it matures, rather than how big it is at the time of purchasing. Your tree needs ample room to grow, so overlooking this detail can cause major issues in the future.

3. Choose the Perfect Spot

It isn’t just about finding the perfect spot, but the correct spot to place your tree. Correct placement will take into factors such as your landscape’s soil, water retention, and even how much sunlight hits certain areas. Your landscape designer will be able to more accurately tell you the best place to plant your tree to ensure little maintenance  for a healthy tree. Remember, just like your home, this tree is going to be rooted in this spot forever, so you want to be sure it is getting all the proper nutrients it needs and that there won’t be any future issues.

Need help with your tree landscape design? Contact our Orlando landscape design experts at Orlando Landscape Designs today!

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