There is nothing more detrimental, more infuriating, than seeing that first lawn weed pop out of your beautiful landscape. Getting rid of lawn weeds may seem like a simple enough task, but if they seem to be coming up in your garden more often than not, then you are probably in need of assistance from a professional landscape designer. At Orlando Landscape Designs, we implement key strategies that make your landscape sustainable and easy to manage. In the meantime, however, take a took at some tips we have on how to get rid of weeks like a pro!


Use the Right Tools

The go-to tactic for pulling out weeds is to just use your hands. These little guys can’t really be that hard to dig out, right?


Lawn weeds are dead on determined to plant their little roots in your garden for the long haul. So using your hands won’t be enough if you are looking to keep the weeds out of your garden permanently. To properly get rid of these plants, you need the right tools. For smaller clusters of weeds, a cultivator (claw) might do the job. For a stronger tool, you can use a Japanese hoe. However, for those stubborn weeds that come up constantly, you may need a shovel or a four-tined spading fork.

Techniques for Ridding Lawn Weeds For Good

Any landscape designer worth their salt will tell you that along with having the right tools, you need to have technique. Just as it isn’t enough to simply stoop down and pull weeds out of your lawn, it your weeds aren’t going to stop coming with just the aid of the right tool. You need to plan to weed out your garden if you want to make sure these unwanted plants never grow back. Pick out a section that you really want to tackle and start digging. Make sure you take out every single bit of vegetation and take particular care to make sure you are getting at the weed’s roots. Completely removing the plant will ensure that it doesn’t stand a chance to grow back or grow it’s roots deeper into your soil. Strategically confronting your lawn weeds is a surefire way to proclaim your garden a weed-free area.

Timing is Always Everything

We’ve said it before, so we are saying it again: timing is everything. Believe it or not, there are better times to set out on your weeding adventure than others. Annual weeds will start to cluster in the springtime. This is when they try to reproduce and dig their roots as firmly as possible. You want to weed before this happens. The other crucial time to negate excess weeds is when you first carry out your landscape design. Within the first few months, even the first few years, you will want to consciously monitor your weed growth and tackle it with ferocity. This is the most crucial time to manage your weeds to ensure that your future landscape tasks are kept as low-maintenance as possible.

Need some help with this plant problem? Contact an expert landscape designer at Orlando Landscape Designs!

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