You may not be a fan of landscaping bushes, but surprisingly, they hold a lot of purpose for your home’s overall landscape. Any landscape designer can tell you that one of the main draws to these plants is there evergreen purpose. In other words, their color does not diminish throughout different seasons, so your landscape is radiating with color all year round with the help of these shrubs. At Orlando Landscape Design, we frequently suggest these plants for homeowners who want more privacy, have lawns that are prone to flooding, or for those homes that have a general dull landscape. These shrubs can act as privacy hedges along the border of your lawn. Or they can be used as foundation pieces for those spots that tend to hold more water.

There are a number of different types of shrubs that can be planted into your front or back yard and they all range in size. Foliage differs from plant to plant, so you want to choose a bush that adds interest to your overall landscape. Fall foliage colors can range from silver and gold to red, purple, and dark green. Here are a few different types of bushes that will add contrast and purpose to your landscape design.


Aroma-Filled Shrubs


Roses: Despite what Shakespeare said, everyone knows that a rose by any other name would not smell a sweet. Roses give off a unique aroma that is admired by anyone who crosses them. Roses are a staple plant piece to use in your garden. They are especially useful when used as privacy hedges and they can actually act as foundation pieces.


Witch Hazel: You may have thought this plant was a full-fledged tree rather than a shrub, but that is not the case. This blossoming plant is loud with its yellow petals and can make for a unique statement piece in your landscape. It possesses an incredibly sweet scene and looks particularly bountiful when placed solely with a lush, green background.


Lilac Shrubs: Lilacs are commonly known for their scent. They are also typically known for their light purple color; however, these plants have also been seen as white or yellow. They bloom in unison and can grow quite tall. They blend beautifully with garden beds or can be admired as a standalone piece.

Multi-Purpose Landscaping Bushes

Azaleas: You have probably heard this name before as well as seen them. A landscape designer might suggest these as a foundation planting, borders, or specimen plants. They are striking in color and have been known to bloom in a variety of shades.


Boxwood Shrubs: This is perhaps the most common and evergreen landscaping bushes. They are ideal for creating wall gardens and are a great when used for edging purposes.


Holly Shrubs: These Christmas-time bushes are evergreen as well, and they add interested throughout the seasons. They come in a multitude of different colors. English holly is known for its vibrant greenery with its accented cluster of red berries. It can be used on its own, but a landscape designer will typically suggest using this shrub for privacy hedges or foundation pieces.

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