Just as the seasons shift and your own style evolves, landscapes are a dynamic thing that requires regular maintenance and updating. It is essential to keep your landscapes well-maintained with the necessary tweaks here and there in order to avoid expensive large-scale overhauls that aren’t always necessary. Before you go all in on extremely costly landscaping projects, be sure to assess your indoor or outdoor landscape periodically throughout the year in order to gage your landscape’s performance and figure out exactly what requires more focused, proactive attention, and what can wait a while before needing care. Take notes and photographs as you go along to refer back later in order to review progress at each new phase and season and as a baseline for any major renovations. You can only procrastinate care and change for a certain amount of time- if you notice an issue, take care of it as soon as is convenient. Orlando Landscape Designs is one of the top landscaping designers in the Orlando area. For more information, call us today!


Assessing the Seasons


Looking through your landscape early each season allows you to notice where to move plants around. There are three major seasonal assessments you should make to keep a check on your landscape- spring brings your landscape back to life, summer is the season for maturity, and the landscape rests throughout the fall and winter. Early spring in March and April is the start of the new season, as this is the ideal first assessment since plants are not actively growing yet. Now is the time to check on hardscape features such as bed and lawn lines since the lack of foliage allows you to more clearly observe the underlying structure. Utilize the early spring to stage structural work that can be completed later in the season or during the summer, and take notes to refer back to when you’re doing your later assessments.


Your Landscape Through The Seasons


Your lawn and gardens are in full bloom during the mid-summer July/August season, as plants are at the height of their growth and all the foliage has filled so you can clearly gage any areas that are too crowded and others that have significant gaps which need to be fixed. The earlier in the season you or landscaping designers like Orlando Landscape Designs do this assessment, the more room you have to plan both summer and fall work like pruning, transplanting, dividing, and adding plants where needed. The mid-fall season in October and November is when your plants are getting ready to lie dormant through the winter, although in sunny Florida you may have year-round blooms as well as different plant cycles. When your plants are lying dormant, you can assess what you want to do better next year and pinpoint corrections that can be accomplished through the winter like tree removals and pruning, as well as plan out what you want to do later when the early season opens.


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Your landscape, like any organic thing, waxes and wanes throughout the seasons and will need regular maintenance and a keen eye. Orlando Landscape Designs is one of the top landscape designers in the Orlando area providing quality landscaping services. Call us today for a consultation!

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