Homeowners do not all have the time to maintain their landscape. This can cause a problem for both the curbside appeal of your home and just the general overall look of what is supposed to be your dream home. A solution for busy owners is to indulge in the services of a landscape designer. Not only will they find viable solutions that make your daily gardening tasks feasible, but they can contribute to finding you natural solutions that make your landscape design in Orlando sustainable.

Here is Orlando Landscape Designs tips for landscaping techniques for busy owners:

 1. Have the Right Design

Incorporating a sustainable landscape design in Orlando can be a grim task. There are numerous landscape features to consider before you even plan out your design, let alone plant your garden. You will want to know which area of your home has the most sunlight, which areas collect the most rainfall, as well as which areas have the finest soil. Learning all of this will help in maintaining your garden so that you are not subjective to hours on hours of backbreaking labor. If you know which sections of your landscape have the most sunlight, you may opt to plant your garden oasis here so that you are not constantly being met with unhealthy or lifeless plants. If you know which sections of you landscape pool the most water, you may want to add in mulch there so that your landscape doesn’t become flooded. With the aid of a landscape design expert, implementing the right design will save you time and money on maintaining your busy garden.

2. Aftercare for Homeowners

Even if you have treated yourself with the aid of a landscape expert, there are still a few things you need to do as the homeowner to keep your landscape effervescent. Within the first few days and weeks of planting you will want to keep a close eye on your plants. They will initially be in a bit of a shock in their new environment so tend to them graciously to make sure they blossom.

The second step of aftercare for homeowners happens within the first year of your landscape being installed. This focuses on the establishment of your landscape features. This is when your plants will dig their roots into the soil to create a permanent home for themselves. You will want to monitor how they are phased through various seasons and make note of what changes happen. Talk to your landscape designer to find sustainable tactics to remedy any issues you see.

 3. Find the Right Timing

On that note, planting the appropriate types of organisms will be determined based on your location’s seasons. You may want to change up your landscape design during the summer to find plants more equipped to handle the heat. In the winter, you may want to ask your landscape designer about which plants need to be covered and how to keep them living through these bitter months. Timing is everything when it comes to landscape design in Orland and you want to be sure that all of this hard work does not go to waste after a particularly harsh season.

If you are a busy homeowner in need more information about landscape design in Orlando, contact us at Orlando Landscape Designs today!

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