It the homeowner industry it is all about curb appeal landscaping. Whether you plan on selling your home soon, or you plan on staying there until you are sipping tea from your rocking chairs, the way you present your home is vital. Not only does it show a reflection of you and your homelife, but it can potentially have an impact on the selling of your home. They say to never judge a book by its cover, but that is exactly what home buyers are doing. And if they don’t like the look of your curbside, well, they might just keep on driving.

So here at Orlando Landscape Designs, we are going to give you our top curbside landscaping must-haves. If you are missing any of these features, contact our Orlando landscape design experts to help improve that central home charm!

1. Make it POP!

Here in Florida, we have the unique capability to tend to colorful gardens year-round. However, on the off chance that you do not live in the Sunshine State, there are always ways to keep your curbside garden really pop and catch potential buyers (or just your neighbors) attention. The typical Orlando landscape design might consist of feathery palm trees, with orange blossoms and other vibrant flowers in their garden. If you live in a state that sees all four seasons, you can still bring in that inviting colorful pop to your garden by incorporating interesting plants that bode well with each season. Your landscape designer can give you suggestions on which garden features work best with each season.

2. Healthy Curb Appeal Landscaping

Something that you never want to have in your curbside is a withering garden. We are predisposed to weeds in Florida, so it is beneficial to maintain these nuisances on a weekly basis by working with your landscape designer. The setting around your front door should emit a lively vigorous energy. Keeping your landscape healthy will automatically catch the eye of potential homeowners, and it will simultaneously make your guests feel at home and welcomed.

3. Keep it Organized

It can be difficult deciding on the appropriate layout for your curb appeal landscaping. Those who don’t work with a landscape designer tend to go overboard with yard decorations and sometimes choose contrasting garden flowers. This unorganized design automatically insinuates a sense of chaos, which is never a good look. You want your curbside to be organized that exudes a natural flow that is eye-catching and imaginative.  

Real estate agents are always talking about having the appropriate curbside appeal landscaping. And this makes sense when you are selling your home. But what if you’re not? Do all of these tips really matter? In all honesty—yes, they do. Implementing a curbside appeal even when you aren’t selling is going to give you that extra pep in your step and it is a welcoming gesture for your guests. Plus, keeping on top of the organization and health of your front yard landscape will ultimately be a time and money saver for you. If you need help with your Orlando landscape design, contact our experts to help you out!

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