Because over and over again, the times that I’ve done really good things is because I’ve had a wonderful client of some kind, and  lot of it depended on me to induce them to be Creative.

Lawrence Halprin

Father of Landscape Architecture

The Best Landscaping Plants for Florida Homes

Florida lawns have the unique capability of being able to host a variety of landscaping plants. If you are looking into landscape design in Orlando, chances are you are having a hard time narrowing down your option in terms of plants to...

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Choose the Right Mulch for Your Outdoor Landscape

Landscaping is a creative project that is both practical and artistic. There are many details to pay attention to when designing a final outdoor space so that everything will come together and your vision can be realized. You want every aspect...

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Inground Pools Increase Resale Value!

As a kid, you probably loved pools, especially in sunny Orlando. When asked whether you wanted a pool, you would’ve jumped up and down in a resounding yes. On a lazy, boiling summer Florida day, the cool crystal waters of your private swimming...

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Using Landscape Borders to Ramp Up Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking sell your home or not, there are a couple of landscape borders that can ramp up your home’s curb appeal. They say first impressions are key, so you want the front of your yard to look as promising as possible. Our...

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Tips for Creating a Tropical Landscape

A tropical landscape design is the perfect way to feel like you are living at the beach anywhere in Florida. Any landscape designer can tell you how to bring your own little oasis to your yard, but here at Orlando Landscape Design, we know...

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We Have Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas!

Coming up with your own front yard landscaping ideas is no tedious task. Chances are you have started your search by Googling landscape design in Orlando, or perhaps you have a full Pinterest board of ideas saved up. Whatever your method, you...

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What Landscaping Rocks Are Best for Your Home

If you are looking to add some color to the outside of your home, consider implementing landscaping rocks. People tend to go for mulch or plants to spruce up their landscape, but rocks can be very beneficial to your outside area. They not only...

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Benefits of a Landscape Designer for Your Backyard Remodel

When you are setting to plan your backyard landscaping, you can be left with plenty of questions and uncertainties. A landscape designer from Orlando Landscape Designs may be exactly what you need to help you realize your vision for your backyard remodel and get...

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Dramatic Custom Pool Project Before & Afters

Orlando Landscape Designs knows how important it is to find pool builders Orlando trusts, which is why they work with dedicated builders to create incredible custom projects that will drastically change the look of your backyard. If you would like to begin the design...

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